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Flick Football aka (Flick Soccer) is another fun filled, simple game produced by the guys over at Neon Play. Your objective is to kick the soccer ball in to the back of your opponents net from set pieces and penalty kicks. The more you score, the more points you'll earn. Continue making goals and rack up your multiplier to earn an even larger score. Collect the coins and flags located in different areas of the net to rack up even more points. Also remember scoring a tougher shot, such as an upper 90 in the goals top corner will earn you more points. Get the perfect shot and nab 100 points for it. Scoring off of set pieces with up to a 3 man wall in front of you gets tricky, luckily your able to bend / curve the ball around your opponents. Tutorial: Take a few practice kicks to learn then game and get a feel for the game play. Target Practice: Practice kicking and shooting as much as you'd like while facing Penalty Kicks and Opponent Walls from set pieces. The Big Game: 3 lives to score as many goals and earn as many points as you can. Vs. The Clock: Battle a time clock and score as many goals and earn as many points as you can. You'll also have chances to earn more time throughout this game mode if you can score a goal while hitting the clock inside the net. Sudden Death: Score as many goals and earn as many points as you can, but miss one and your done.

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