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Flick Kick Field Goal by Pik Pok is a very addicting, simple game where your objective is to make field goals. Just swipe your finger to kick the ball. How precise is your kicking? There are multiple game modes to choose from such as: Practice: Kick as much as you want without hurting your score, just practice! Precision: You get 20 kicks and are judged on your accuracy of either 50%, 75% or 100% depending on where you kick the football through the uprights. You'll only achieve 100% for your kick if you knock in down the center. Sudden Death: You start with 0 lives and have chances to continuously earn them depending on your kicking skills. Kick a perfect ball and you'll earn yourself a life. This mode is essentially never ending until you screw up. If you kick 3 perfect balls in a row during Sudden Death you'll be on fire and have the chance to earn more points by knocking the inflamed football through the uprights. As you progress through each game mode the kicks get longer and tougher; wind also becomes a factor. Missing a few kicks is very likely. Locker Room (Unlockables): All-Star Ball: Unlock by playing 100 pass and play games or review the game app. Veteran Ball: Unlock by kicking 2500 kicks during your career or play the game everyday for 30 days. Championship Ball: Upgrade to the paid version for 99 cents. Multiplayer: Pass and Play, 2 player game mode. Famous Quotes pop up before each game you play, this ads a nice touch.

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