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The team at Esoteric Development has created one of the more popular Free Game Apps to date titled appropriately: Ski On Neon, because that's exactly what you do; it's a blast! You'll enjoy catching speed, then big air off of jumps while trying to reach max heights and distance on your launches. It's a very simple game to play once you get your timing down. After launching into the air, getting a smooth landing and maintaining speed gets tricky. I find myself smashing right into the hills and losing all my speed, but occasionally I grab some great air and hit the ramps perfect. Then it's all worth it, don't give up. Get four great jumps to build up your multiplier and turn into a fireball for a quick second and earn more points. High Flyer: Build up speed and get as high as you can into the air. Speed Trials: Finish the levels in a timed session. Tech Slopes: Finish the tricky slopes by completing a time and air challenge during gameplay. Challenge Vertigo: Build up points by getting big air to earn stars and complete a time challenge during gameplay. Challenge Air Time: Stay off of the ground for a certain amount of time during a jump, you'll also face the clock. Challenge Slide Pro: Endless course and your chance to earn as many points as you can without crewing up your smooth skiing, but when you botch a landing you must restart.

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