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Take the rush of BMX jumping to your finger tips and check out Traction Games game app Stickman BMX! You'll pedal your stickman on his bike down courses with jumps and obstacles, collect tokens, stars and unlock achievements while doing crazy tricks along the way. It's a well paced, fun and quite addicting. Race the Ace: You'll race a ghost racer and have to keep up with him. Just keep pedaling as fast as you can for a chance to beat him! Skateboarding: Stickman BMX Free offers a sample of Traction Games counterpart of skateboarding. The level layout and goals are the same as the BMX app, the only difference is your transportation. Your scoring goals include: High Score, Collecting Stars, Collecting All 5 Tokens and Slams. Aim for 100% completion on each level. (you do not have to get the 100% in one ride, you build up your points and stats until you complete what is needed to be finished) You have five lives to crank through a level. Try not to bail unless you have to because it will cost you a life.

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