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Temple Run iTunes Game App Icon Logo By Imangi Studios

Post by freeappsking.com: is an awesome, addicting game app developed by with simple game playability anyone can enjoy! Your task is simple: collect as many gold coins as you can while sprinting for your life from evil monkeys through a temple; just don't get caught. You'll also come across obstacles such as tree roots, gaps between bridges, flaming cross bars and missing portions of the paths your running on just to name a few. Throughout your run in the temple all the gold coins you collect add up to help you buy Powerups and New Characters; as well as complete game achievements! It's a lot of fun!

Temple Run iTunes Game App By Imangi Studios

Temple Run iTunes Game App By Imangi Studios

Temple Run iTunes Game App By Imangi Studios

This game can be played on multiple Apple devices such as the: , and !

Temple Run iTunes Game App By Imangi Studios

Objectives: (Achievements)
- Novice Runner (Ran 500 meters)
- Pocket Change (Collect 100 coins)
- Adventurer (Score 25,000 points)
- Sprinter (Ran 1,000 meters)
- Miser Run (Ran 500m and collected no coins)
- Piggy Bank (Collected 250 coins)
- Treasure Hunter (Scored 50,000 points)
- Mega Bonus (Filled the bonus meter 4x)
- Athlete (Ran 2,500 meters)
- Lump Sum (Collect 500 coins)
- Resurrection (Resurrect after dying)
- Basic Powers (Reach level 1 on all PowerUps)
- High Roller (Score 100,000 points)
- Payday (Collect 750 coins)
- Head Start (Use a head start)
- Steady Feet (Ran 2,500 meters without tripping)
- Allergic To Gold (Ran 1,000 meters without collecting any coins)
- 5K Runner (Ran 5,000 meters)
- No Trip Runner (Ran 5,000 meters without tripping)
- 1/4 Million Club (Scored 250,000 points)
- Double Resurrection (Resurrect twice in one run)
- Money Bags (Collect 1,000 coins)
- 1/2 Million Club (Scored 500,000 points)
- Super Powers (All level 5 PowerUps)
- Dynamic Duo (Unlock two characters)
- Million Club (Score 1,000,000 points)
- Money Bin (Collect 2,500 coins)
- Fantastic Four (Unlock 4 characters)
- Sexy Six (Unlock 6 characters)
- Interior Decorator (Unlock 3 wallpapers)
- 10K Runner (Run 10,000 meters)
- Fort Knox (Collect 5,000 coins)
- 2.5 Million Club (Score 2,500,000 points)
- 5 Million Club (Score 5,000,000 points)
- The Spartan (Score 1 million points without PowerUps)
- 10 Million Club (Score 10,000,000 points)

Temple Run iTunes Game App By Imangi Studios

PowerUps: (5 levels of each)
- Mega Coins (Large gold coins worth the amount of many coins)
- Coin Magnet (Coins are automatically attracted to you when you run near them)
- Invisibility (You cannot get injured)
- Boost (Boost up to 1000m quickly)
- Coin Value Increased (different colored coins mean double and triple value)

Utilities: (Single Use)
- Angel Wings (Resurrect immediately after dying)
- Boost ahead 1000 meters at the start of the game
- Mega Boost (Boost ahead 2,500 meters at the start of the game)

- Guy Dangerous
- Scarlett Fox
- Barry Bones
- Karma Lee
- Montana Smith
- Francisco Montoya
- Zack Wonder

- Temple Wallpaper
- Guy Dangerous Wallpaper
- Evil Demon Monkeys Wallpaper

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