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TowerMadness is one of my all time favorite game apps on my iPod Touch. It's a very addicting, action packed app developed by Limbic Software. The objective of the game is simple: you have a flock of sheep that you must protect from alien invaders arriving in UFO's; which conveniently enough have landing pads built on your farm land. To protect your sheep you must place turrets of different kinds around the map to kill off the aliens as they march in a line towards your fluffy friends. As you kill off the enemies you earn money, which is then used to buy and upgrade your turret arsenal. You'll soon enjoy sending the invaders a face full of fire and bullets. Enemies: Aliens come in waves, mostly between 5 and 10 at once. Enemy Types: Grey Aliens: Basic Aliens, Flying Aliens: These Aliens fly in yellow crafts and cannot be dammed by ground only fire, Spawn Aliens: One Alien rides piggy back on the other, they take twice as long to kill, Regen Alien: These Aliens heal over time so kill them quick, Ghost Alien: These Aliens are slow, immune to flame throwers and laser cannons, Armored Aliens: These Aliens are resistant to certain turrets and weaker against other turrets, Crittasaur (Roach): They are very fast and one of the tougher enemies to kill, Bosses: Bosses are larger versions of one of the many enemies above, they also take much longer to kill, however yield a larger lump of money to you.

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