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If you've been hit by your grandmothers purse up side your noggin' nows your chance to jump in to her shoes. Youngsters don't stand a chance against Angry Gran! This fun, simple game by Aceviral brings a smile to my face every time I play it. Walk through the city streets, smack youngsters and objects with a weapon and collect the coins they drop after they've been battered to the ground. All while trying to make enough cash to cross through to the next check point. After each successful checkpoint is reached granny speeds up. Granny at faster speeds makes the game quite challenging when trying to time a hit on a street walker. You can get a power hit called "Granny Time" by holding the screen a few seconds to power up. This will be a harder swing which yields a better reward! Do not hit the police officers, if you do you'll be bound in a straight jacket for a few seconds and you'll be unable to hit things to earn money.

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