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Plumber Crack Free App Game By Fluik Entertainment

Fluik Entertainment has created a funny app titled perfectly: Plumber Crack and it's exactly what'd you'd expect. Your goal is to throw objects down the pants of the plumber working on a sink, aim for the crack. Your first object to throw is an ice cube, you can buy other objects at the store by earning bucks during game play. Every shot in to the crack fills the 2 bars on the screen. The left bar is for the coins you earn, fill it all the way up and earn a buck. Your second bar is for the mystery box, fill that up and earn trophies. If you consecutively make shots in to the crack you'll double, triple and quadruple your earnings. If you miss a shot you can keep the streak alive by using a bombs to destroy misses which can be bought at the store, you start with 20 in zen mode.

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