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The days of the lazy house cat are over. It's time for a change and what better way then to start with a fish befriending hero cat that launches out of cannons to stop evil emu crimes around the world! Loqheart has crafted up a great game titled Cannon Cat which plays just as you would assume by reading the title, you blast a cat out of cannons...while simultaneously saving fish. Strap on your helmet and blast off! Your goal is to launch yourself (the hero cat) through each level from cannon to cannon. Throughout the levels you'll face different obstacles and cannons, some of which turn different directions every couple seconds so you'll need to time your launches accordingly to reach the next stage. Collect all of the fish trapped in bubbles in each level to earn a skyfish bonus which earns you more points. Earn a speed run bonus by zipping through the level quickly which earns you more points. If you miss some fish throughout a level you can replay it any time to help save your aquatic friends. Earn Sparks throughout the levels to purchase upgrades in the store. Upgrades: Cannon Time, Big Boost, Auto-Save and Shield.

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