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An addictive game I recently downloaded is Triniti Interactive Limited's app Doodle Truck, helping you take a load off - literally. If you enjoy speeding dump trucks down bumpy roads while simultaneously trying to balance and keep your cargo from flying everywhere, this games for you! Just like your local delivery service try and deliver the package(s) in one piece. If not it's just a game...or is that why I always get squished boxes in the mail - perhaps this games more persuasive than I thought? Multiple levels to choose from, with different layouts and packages to deliver. At the start of each level you'll load up your truck with your delivery. When the light turns green drive across the bumpy road to your destination. Do your best to keep all of the packages inside the trucks bed to get the most points possible per level. At the finish stop underneath a laser beam that will extract the packages from your truck. Earn points for each package and the time you completed the level. Press the green button on the right to drive forward and the red button on the left to reverse. You'll control the truck by tilting your device back and forth - quite fun and challenging at times. If you wreck, which you will at some point, it's quite funny. The truck explodes and parts go flying - then your left with a heap of automobile starring at you on the screen.

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