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Dummy Defense Free App Game By Andrew Garrison

Just when you thought crash test dummies had it rough, think again? Melvin's daily work schedule for Dummy Defense involves him trying to avoid getting blown up by grenades, pummeled by large objects and/or run over just to name a few. Your his only hope to survive each level. The creator Andrew Garrison has made a fun game app here. Your main goal in every level is to help Melvin the test dummy survive. Surrounding your yellow friend in each situation is a blue gridded area where you can build a structure around him to help him survive the test ahead of him. Building is simple, simply touch a dot and drag a line to another dot to create a line. Your given a limited amount of money to build Melvin's protection, so choose how you build wisely!

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  1. I'm sharing my 3 stars blueprint for dummy defense at http://iphonegameguides.blogspot.com/2012/03/dummy-defense-walkthrough.html
    Feel free to compare and share your blueprints with us