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For all you baseball fans out there who've dreamed of slugging home runs out of the park, nows your chance! The team over at Infinity Pocket has crafted about an excellent game titled: Flick Home Run!. Making home runs as easy as a flick of a finger. Your objective is to knock as many baseballs in to home run territory as you can, make every pitch count. Touch "pitch" on the screen to get a ball thrown to you, once you see it slide your finger towards it at an upward angle and crush it out of the park. Different style balls will get thrown towards you to make things interesting. Tap on the sunglasses to reveal what type of ball is coming next. The more home runs you hit and the farther you hit them, the more points you earn towards your total. Knock the ball out of the park for extra points and self gratification. The free version of this game limits you from hitting a home run past 700 feet. Upgrade to the full version to hit them as far as you want.

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