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Fruit Smasher! Free App Game By NextGen Entertainment

If you've been wronged by fruit any time in your lifetime, nows your chance for revenge! NextGen Entertainment INC has crafted up a fun game called Fruit Smasher! You'll be knocking fruit out of existence as fast as you can flick your finger. Your goal is to get the fruit out of gameplay as quick as possible. Fruit will be clustered at the top of the screen in random bunches slowly making their way down towards the bottom. You have 3 baskets that randomly generate different types of fruit or other items. Touch a piece of fruit and slide it in the direction you desire and create a group of 3 or more of 1 type of fruit to remove them from the playing field. As the game progresses the fruit moves faster down towards the bottom, once they cross the red line the game will be over.

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