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Justin Mac Fart Free App Game By Molecube

If you think that burrito you ate earlier causing gas an indigestion is giving you problems, think again? Justin Mac by Molecube is flying high across multiple levels with well projected farts and constant gas build ups, earning collectibles along the way; at least he's multitasking well. I wouldn't stand behind him, or near him for that matter. Swipe the screen and drag down Justin Mac's suspenders as far as you'd like to get a nice launch. Set your aim and propel him with his farts towards the cans of and free floating beans hanging in the air. Collect multiple beans at once for a multiplier and earn more points. Use the least amount of farts throughout each level while collecting beans to gain a higher score. If you launch yourself off of the level simply pull back the suspenders and load up a new fart in mid air to propel yourself back to solid ground.

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