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Having a rough day at the office? Is your boss riding you like a well used bicycle? Then take it out on them...via Game Hive's awesome stress relief app Kick The Boss and the second version Kick The Boss 2 here!! Kick the crap out of your boss like you never have before. Pummeling them with everything from thumb tacs and knives to hand grenades! Not getting a raise this year...tell them to think again. Select your weapon of choice and pummel your boss repeatedly. You'll earn money each time you land a hit on your boss and after an extreme beat up they'll cough up some serious coinage for you to pick up. Use the money you earn to upgrade to better weapons, buy new scenery and bosses to beat up.

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  1. this game is awesome and addicting!!

  2. Is there a Kick The Boss for pc?

  3. @Anonymous - Not that I know of, I would contact the games creators Game Hive Corp, they can answer that.