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As a society we see brands every day, many are so recognizable that you'd know the companies name by seeing a simple part of their iconic logo designs. AlticoD tests that theory with their app the Logos Quiz Game. You'll find yourself surrounded by hundreds of logos through out many levels, simply select an icon, type in the correct name and score points/hits. Unlock other levels by scoring more hits. Earn hints help you through the game by scoring perfect 100's.

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  1. How does the scoring work? Very frustrating to get the name correct but only get 99 pts. It doesn't seem to be timed...is it dependant on keyboarding...even prior to "checking" the answer? If it is...that sucks!

    1. I don't believe it's timed. I have been wondering the same thing as I too have been getting many 99%s. My only conclusion is that perhaps capitalizing or not capitalizing certain letters to better match the companies name on their logos.

  2. Should make logo quiz for android, the ones that are available suck.

    1. Agreed. Hopefully the creators of this app will make it compatible for Google, it's very good.

  3. I'm better at this game than I'd like to be!