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Looking for another brain game app to get those gears turning in your head? ECAPYC software has created a puzzle app titled One Touch Drawing where tracing has been made a bit tougher then what you're used to from grade school. The rules and regulations may be different here but the same concept applies, have fun and check it out. Regular (beat each level one at a time). Survival (beat levels consecutively and get a high streak, if you mess up on a level you go back to level one and your streak is restarted). The game is simple, trace over the lines on the screen with your finger. Follow the rules of each level and world. Most of the time you'll only be able to trace over a line once, do it more then once and you'll need to restart that level. Other times you may need to trace over a line twice or warp a traced line from one side of the object to the other. You can start on any dot on the pattern, but choose wisely.

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