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Polar bears may look sweet and friendly in the soda commercials...but put a penguin in front of them and the chase is on! Bears want to feast too and what tastes better then Penguin to them? The team over at Top Free Games has crafted up a fun game titled Racing Penguin, Flying! A fun filled game of ramping off of snow hills on your penguins belly and grabbing air. It has a very similar playing style to Ski-On-Neon. Your goal is to get from the start to the finish line as quickly as possible without getting caught by the polar bear. Waddle and flap your wings up hills and then slide on your belly down hills to pick up speed and then ramp off to grab air. While your in the air you can touch the screen to nose dive towards a landing ramp and If you can ramp off and on to other hills smoothly, you'll pick up more speed and finish the level quicker. Grab fish along the way to buy boosting in the shops. Avoid getting eaten by the bear or you'll need to redo the level. There is a meter at the bottom showing how close the bear is to you and how far you are from the finish line.

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