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Rat On A Snowboard Free App Game By Donut Games

I'm a big fan of apps created by the team at Donut Games. Their unique, simple games all have the same set up and playability, making it easy to jump from one app to the next; branding themselves and collecting many fans in the process - I'm on board. With that said they also give away their paid apps for free for limited amounts of time and now you can pick up Rat On A Snowboard for your smart device. Cruise through side scrolling levels of snow collecting stars off of jumps and spinning your way to more points in the air. Avoid hazards such as trees, tree stumps, gaps, ice, sleds and rocks. Gain more air time by spinning off of jumps by tapping the screen. Get a power boost by gaining speed down a slope and jumping in to the air - you'll get air.

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