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Slide To Unlock Free App Game By The Falco Initiative

A unique and fun game app created by the team at The Falco Initiative is Slide to Unlock. They've made an unlikely hit amongst touch device users in the gaming world. Curious to what type of game it is? The title says it all. You'll be faced with slide to unlock buttons zooming in from the right and/or left of your gaming screen. Your objective is to simply slide to unlock each line in the direction the arrow tells you to. As you progress through the game more slide to unlock lines will show up quicker then before, so stay on top of them and get them unlocked as soon as possible. Once all 5 slots fill up with slide to unlock bars the game is over. Your time, unlocks, points and per second rating is tracked at the top of your screen. Easy, user friendly gameplay at it's best. Classic: unlock bars coming from the left of your screen. Twist: unlock bars coming from the left and right of your screen. Doubles: unlock bars coming two at a time on to your screen. Revenge: unlock bars coming in single and double form from the left and right of your screen quickly.

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