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Smack That Gugl Free App Game By Tayasui

If you ever enjoyed squishing play-doh on to the table as a kid then you'll want to check out it's closest digital equivalent: Smack That Gugl created by You'll be squashing clay like creatures in to small splats all over your screen, but they keep coming...can you keep up? When the creatures pop up on the screen - SQUISH THEM! Different colored Gugl's have different effects, some will squish automatically, some need two taps, some bring more Gugl's and some have the plague (don't squish these). If you squish the plagued Gugl's you'll lose a life (you start with five). If you wait too long to squish a Gugl it turns red and self-splats, if this happens you'll lose a life. They'll keep coming so keep up and keep squishing.

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