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Sometimes a simple game at the bar is all I need to get through night and Backflip Studios has created a fun hand bowling app titled Strike Knight for just such an occasion. Your goal is to knock over all the pins and you have two trys per turn to make that happen. There are 10 frames to play through. If you knock down all the pins during a turn with the first puck you'll get a strike and receive maximum points. Above the pins you'll see two sets of numbers (one on top of the other) flashing across the screen. When the puck you slide hits the pin, the number that's lit up is the possible number of points you can earn. If you get a strike on the first puck chuck and it's lit up on 800, you'll get 800 points. If you end up sparing that round and knocking all the pins down in two tries you'll receive the second number underneath the top one which would be 500 points.

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