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Tired of ninjas being so stealthy and sneaking around you with out your knowing? Now the tables have turned for the ninjas and what was once an easy victory for them has turned into an easier win for you! The team over at GameResort LLC has wrangled up a handful of Stupid Ninjas for you to dice up; creating quite a fun app. You'll be slicing ninjas up with their own weaponry as quick as they'd originally dish out a round house kick to your face. The game is simple, kill all the ninjas in the playing field. The only catch is you have to do it in the number of sword swipes your given, which at the start of the game is one. Many elements around the level can be used as help to take out the rest of the ninjas sitting like ducks. Think about the ninja you'll use to take out the rest on the screen, when you swipe one in half all of his stars will shoot out in many directions and hopefully hit objects and other ninjas creating a domino effect to clear the playing field. Ninja stars can bounce off items in the level and be diverged by wind (one example), take advantage of these things.

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