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For all you Rugby fans out there check out The Whole Caboosh's app Super Crazy Rugby. A fun, user friendly game that brings the sport to your fingertips. First pick your team, pick a name and choose your opponent. Your goal is to get your player to run past the opponents and cross the scoring line. After doing so you'll move to the next "minute" against a new set of angry tacklers. To move your player just swipe your finger on your smart device in the direction you choose. Keep in mind each new series has a different amount of tacklers running at you in a different pattern, so move quick and watch out. Rack up points by lasting as long as you can throughout the series of levels. Aside from hungry opponents looking to pummel you, you'll need to watch out for random items flying in from the side after the 5th minute of gameplay. Make it through "10 minutes" (10 levels) of game play and you'll get to use a "torpedo", which is helpful team member whose willing to sacrifice himself to take out oncoming tacklers. Before each level starts you'll get to pick where you want the torpedo to be set up for launch. If you get tackled don't worry, you have a few tackles to give up until it's game over. Just try to avoid getting run over.

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