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It's tough to take a shower without water, wouldn't you agree? Nows your chance to help "Swampy" the gator clean up his act and wash off all that mud and dirt caked on him from his day in the sewers! It's a fun app created by Disney titled Where's My Water? which also has a holiday version titled You'll find "Swampy" tucked away in his bath tub waiting patiently for his water to be delivered through the pipes and it's your duty to make that happen. The water will be sitting all together in one location surrounded by dirt. To move the water simply drag your finger across the dirt you want removed to create a path for the water to go down. Use the piping system to your advantage and cut the right angles in the sediment to get that water to your reptilian friend. Collect all the ducks through each level totaling 78 in the game. There are 3 ducks in each level, so start collecting.

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