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If you're a fan of Puzzle Apps you'll want to check out Tobi Apps game 100 Floors. It's similar to Dooors, but in this game you'll need to solve your way to the top of the building floor by floor with elevator puzzles. At each level you'll face a puzzle to solve in order to open the elevator doors and proceed to the next floor above. Look around the area as you may see objects to pick up that will aid you in your successful completion of that level or future levels. You may keep objects in your inventory at the bottom of the screen until you need to use them. If you're stuck on any level check out 100 Floors Cheats.

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  1. i love this game!
    here the solutions for all levels, enjoy!

  2. I love these sorts of games. Thanks for your nicely done reviews.

  3. Me too and thanks for checking out the site!

  4. review is great! thank you for the detailed explanation)

  5. Your welcome, thanks for stopping by the site!

  6. How do u download tus Gámez!!!!!

  7. At the bottom of the blog post their is a link that says Download on iTunes, simply click that link. This will direct you to the apple page where you'll need to click view on iTunes located on the top left of the page. This will open up your iTunes where you can then download the app to your computer and transfer it to an Apple device.

    Or get the app directly on to your apple device by searching the App store on the device and downloading it.

    Hope this helps.