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One of the best selling apps of all time is Angry Birds. What's not to like about launching kamikaze birds at enemy pigs in hopes of destroying everything in your path? Simply put it's awesome. It's one of the most addictive and successful apps I've ever come across. Once you start playing, you can't stop! It's crafted up by the team at Rovio. Your goal is to launch your birds with the slingshot towards the pigs and take them out. Adjust the angle of your shot prior to launch, then pull back and shoot when desired. Certain structures, especially wooden ones, can be destroyed fairly easily by your feathery friends. Use objects on the structures to take out the pigs such as large rocks or other items that can fall on the pigs. You'll achieve higher points and more then likely 3 stars if you can take out the pigs with one bird on a level. (you'll get extra points for leftover birds that were unused) As you progress through the game you'll come across different birds that do different things. Some go faster, split in three, drop egg bombs, boomerang, etc. Use each bird wisely!

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