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Move aside Sly and meet Hambo, a one pig wrecking machine starring in MiniClips awesome app Hambo Begins! You'll be cooking pigs faster than a BBQ restaurant. Your goal is to take out each enemy pig with the ammo and weapons supplied to you. Enemies as well as yourself are generally in a stationary position, but can be moved depending on level design and objects around it; such as inclines, declines, iced surfaces and breakable barriers. Use your level surroundings, there are multiple ways to take out targets. Bullets can bounce of of surfaces, use this to your advantage but don't shoot yourself accidentally. To aim touch the screen in the direction you want to fire then press the selected gun to fire a bullet. The pistol is your starting weapon which shoots one bullet at a time. The machine gun will be unlocked during gameplay, this shoots multiple bullets at on time. If you accidentally shoot yourself you'll need to replay the level.

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