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Test out your off road driving skills with Ubisofts awesome app MotoHeroz; where cruising on crazy courses with all wheel drive vehicles doesn't get any better. Flip, jump, put your pedal to the metal. Unlock vehicles to play through different worlds by completing levels and earning stars. There are 8 vehicles to use and more will be added in the future. Each unique vehicle has it's own unique world with multiple levels to play through. Your driving an all wheel drive vehicle and need to make it to the finish area in a specific amount of time. So put the pedal to the metal and drive. All of the courses are unique, you'll find hills to climb, ramps to jump, loops and other obstacles in your path, slowing you down from reaching the finish. To drive simply touch either the forward or backwards arrow on the right of your screen. Change the direction of your vehicle (left or right) in the air or when neededby pressing the left and right arrows on the left of your screen. Get air off of a jump and do a flip with these controls. Purchase vehicle upgrades with coins earned from gameplay. Each unique vehicle is upgraded separately. Upgrades include: Top Speed, Acceleration and Item Boost. Boosts are found with levels and make completing the level easier such as rocket boosts or springs.

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