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Your cities residents need water flowing to their homes and you're the only one who can complete the task! You'll need to connect and construct pipelines that flow liquids to and from their respected sources. Grab a hard hat, a wrench and check out Navigation-Info Kft.'s addictive app PipeRoll. There are 130 levels to play through! Connect the proper pipes to correctly flow liquids from one structure to the next (for example you might be flowing water from a water tower to a home). If you're interested in beating the clock let the liquids flow through the pipes as you connect them by starting at the top. This way your not waiting for the liquid to travel all the way from one end to the next after the pipeline is built. Some levels have multiple pipes to connect, multitask and move quick. Beat out the time listed at the top right to earn 3 stars for a level. Earn 2 stars for completing the level within a few seconds of the needed time. Earn 1 star for just completing the level.

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