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Star Wars Pit Droids Free App Game By LucasArts

The empire of Star Wars has created a fun puzzle app titled Star Wars Pit Droids developed by LucasArts. Your goal is to get all of the pit droids to their destination, which just so happens to be a hole in the ground. The game stars off easy then gets much tougher...may the force be with you. There are multiple levels in each world, you'll just need to obtain the proper amount of stars to unlock each new world. Your goal is to get the Pit Droids from their starting location in to the proper hole they belong. To do this you'll need to set a directional path using arrows to get them there. Be mindful of objects around the playing field and set a path up to avoid obstacles. Sometimes you'll have certain colored droids that can only go in a hole matching their color, make sure to set the arrow paths correctly to get them there.

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