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If you're a fan of the very popular app Temple Run then you'll need to check out Subway Surfers by Kiloo! It's a fast paced, foot chase between you and the train yard security officer. Out run him, collect coins and other items all while dodging railway cars and construction barriers. At the games start you'll find your character tagging a train car and then spotted by a train yard security officer; afterwards you begin a foot chase that leads into gameplay. Dodge, jump and slide to avoid obstacles. If you graze a barrier and get slowed down the security officer will appear behind you, he'll go away after you run smoothly for a few seconds. Collect coins and power-ups along the way. Use coins to purchase upgrades. Unlock different characters to play.

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Chiko said...

Subway surfers isn't for android,it's very stupid...

FreeAppsKing said...

@Chiko They definitely need to make it for Android, It's a fun app.

FreeAppsKing said...

@Chiko (Update:) They have made this app available on Google Play for Android devices!

Anonymous said...

this is awesome

FreeAppsKing said...

Agreed, it's one of my favorite game!

Alex Bandit said...

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Agnes said...

This game is for android.My dad's got it on his iPhone 5.Its cool,I love it.

FreeAppsKing said...

@Agnes - Great choice of games, glad you and you're dad enjoy it!

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