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Suit up, grab your ride and hit the road in NaturalMotion's awesome racing app titled CSR Racing. Purchase and collect multiple cars to race on the streets in your personal garage. Purchase new cars to upgrade, customize and race! When you are viewing your car(s) in your personal garage you can snap photos and add them to your gallery. Upgrade parts in stages on your cars to increase it's performance including: body, tires, gear box, engine, turbo, intake, and nitrous. Paint your car(s) with a unique custom color of your choice. Customize your license plate. Race against different opponents and race types including: Daily Battles, Crew Battles, Ladder Races, Regulation Races and more! You'll start with Tier 1 easy races and increase to higher Tiers and tougher races as you win and upgrade your vehicles. Your gas meter is located at the top of your screen. Each race will cost you 1 point on your gas meter. It will fill up over time when your not playing the app.

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