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Just when you thought your local theme park had crazy rollercoasters, think again and play Chillngo LTD's awesome app Madcoaster! It's an addictive, fast-paced, thrill ride. The controls are simple and the concept the same - in a good way. You control a small rollercoaster barreling down the tracks and your goal is to collect coins while avoiding obstacles and keeping your group safe from crashing in to the abyss below. The cart moves forward for you so all you need to do is jump. As you progress through the game you'll coast through new areas and different worlds which have their own unique twists. At the end of each stage you'll have a chance to collect more coins to spend in the store towards upgrades. Your distance traveled and score are tracked every run. Upgrade the look of your coaster by choosing from lots of custom carts. Upgrade your cart attributes to better your success in game progression.

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