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Make Soda! Free App Game By Bluebear Technologies

If you enjoy creating your own unique carbonated beverages, you'll want to download Bluebear Technologies app Make Soda! Where crafting up digital beverages is made fun. Step 1: Twist the tap and fill your bottle up with water. Step 2: Carbonate the water and max out the Fizz Meter! Step 3: Choose your Soda and mix the syrup in to your carbonated water. Choose from 4 flavors to start: Lemonade, Orange, Cola and Grape. Unlock many more soda flavors. Step 4: Choose your glass. Step 5: Choose your accessories: straws, labels and extras. Step 6: Complete and drink digitally by touching the straw.

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Make Soda! Fizz Make Soda! Cola Make Soda! Completed Drink

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