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Grab your ride and start your engines racing fans, the creative team at The Binary Mill has created an excellent app titled Mini Motor Racing! It's pint sized driving at it's best. Do you have what it takes to win the championship? Career: (play through 2 cup series, earn money and upgrade your vehicles!) Cups: Original Championship (120 races) and Bonus Championship (92 races). Quick Race: (jump into the action and race immediately!) Multiplayer: (play against friends and opponents online!) In career mode you can purchase and upgrade vehicles to race with. There are 18 vehicles total, 4 are available at the start of your career and the rest are earned and unlocked for purchase as you complete races. In career mode you earn money that you can use towards buying vehicle upgrades. Each vehicle has unique tunings. There are 4 upgradeable areas for each ride: Handling, Nitro, Acceleration and Top Speed. Each of the championships have mini cup series within them, complete each set of 4 + races to move on to the next set. As you progress through the game, races get tougher but you'll earn more money from placing in the top 3. The controls are very user friendly, just steer with the wheel on the left. The computer hits the gas and you control the direction to go. The racing is fast paced and pint sized. Maps are small and one lap is completed in an average of 20 seconds. The key to victory is getting in front first and avoiding getting rammed by opponents and stuck in wrecks. Small set backs can cost you big time. You'll be making quick turns, some 180 degrees, so look sharp.

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  1. I am trying to figure out how my son can unlock the kids mode on Bike Racer, I just can't spend 14.99 on a app or an up grade on a app. If anyone can help me that would be great!!
    Thank you,
    Mommy of determined 7yr;)

  2. I believe it might just be a purchased unlock for $14.99 but I'm not 100% certain. Send an email to the apps creative team at they'll be able to answer your question. Good luck.