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Piranha 3DD Free App Game By The Weinstein Company

Hungry? Bring your overwhelming appetite to the depths of the deep blue see and feast upon aquatic life, divers and party-goers in The Weinstein Companies addictive app Piranha 3DD. Your goal is to swim around the water as a piranha and eat anything in your site including: fish, divers, schools of fish, humans etc. Control your piranha by titling your smart device from one side to the other (calibrate the settings before playing). Follow the red arrows to reach your set destination. Pick up piranha eggs to add other piranha to your posse and gang up on sea travelers. Watch out for obstacles such as steam holes, jellyfish and diver spears. Gain bonuses for consuming an entire school of fish. Watch your health meter, keep eating to maintain it. Caves (attack and eat up aquatic life throughout caves in the deep waters). Spring Break (attack and eat up partiers hanging out on boats).

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