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Rope n Fly 2 Free App Game By Robert Szeleney

Now's your chance to cruise around the city like Spider-Man. Suit up and play app Rope 'n' Fly 2. It's another addictive, simple game in his series. You'll swing through cities such as Vienna. The game is simple, shoot out a rope from building to building propelling your character through the city. Swing through the city by touching the screen to shoot out a rope towards a building and then touch the screen again to detach from that building. Continue this process to play. At the start of the game your character falls from the sky, shoot out a rope early to get attached to a nearby building to start your swing-a-thon and avoid certain death. Your character is a dummy constructed of blocks and different parts. If you swing to close to the ground the dummy will either burst in to multiple pieces or just lose a few and keep swinging. Gain momentum by touching the screen at the peak of your swing and releasing the current rope and propelling your dummy forward and up.

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