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Scary Prank Free App Game By Yizhan Ye

Want to scare your friends? You'll want to download Yizhan Ye's simple but effectively scary app titled Scary Prank. Start the game, hand it to a friend to play and watch them quickly leave the room in need of a new pair of pants after being scared straight. The idea behind this game is to get the player to think they're playing a basic idiot test. When in fact that is just a set up for the actual scary outcome of the game. The idiot test has a peaceful background to help make you comfortable and suck you in to the calm gameplay. Numbers fly slowly across the screen that you're supposed to quickly memorize and check to see if they match up to the following set of numbers. You'll then be prompted to answer yes or no to a question. This series goes 3 full times. Halfway through the 4th number test a scary face appears out of nowhere accompanied by a dreadful scream - it's freaky!

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