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The team over at Cullaboration Media has crafted up an addictive word-search, puzzle app titled Wrackle. Play a 1 player game, 2 player game or complete daily challenges. Level Packs all have 20 boards to play through. Play through 5 level packs and a total of 100 different boards. In dash game mode you are in a race against the clock to earn as many credits as possible to help unlock other boards to play. In survival game mode you also in a race against the clock but you can earn more time by correctly making words. You'll also earn credits which you can use to unlock more boards. The game is simple: create 3, 4, 5 and 6 letter words as quickly as you can. The playing field is a jumble or random letters that you can move and swap around to create words. Swap letters left, right, up and down as much as you want to create the word of your choosing. No diagonals accepted. Words can only be "played" left, right, up and down. No diagonals will be accepted. To play a word simply select all of the letters for that word and hit "play". Each letter is worth a different amount of points, like Scrabble, so create words wisely!

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