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If you think a burger needs 4 patties, extra cheese, loads of vegetables and other toppings you've come to the right place! The creative team at NimbleBit LLC has crafted up a fun, simple app titled Sky Burger, where the sky truly is the limit when it comes to burger making. Set up your profile by selecting a name for yourself and get your career rolling for Sky Burger. You'll be given an order to complete and your goal is to create a burger with all the necessary toppings asked for. The toppings will fall down from the sky and you'll need to collect the proper ones on to the bottom burger bun. Move the bottom burger bun left and right at the bottom of your screen by tilting your smart device. Fail an order by not collecting all of the proper toppings before catching the top bun. Complete the order for the customer and earn a tip on top of your minimum wage. Earn more money by correctly completing orders and getting promoted. Track your work stats and see how you compare to other players worldwide.

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