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The creative team at Metamoki has crafted up a fun, simple game titled Fruit Pop! It's an addictive game where you need to work quickly and link together multiple fruit chains to ensure high scores. Before you start every game you can select up to three boosts to help your scoring. Throughout gameplay you will earn coins that can be used towards purchasing other boosts. Boost Types: Longer Chains, Extra Time, Four-Way Bomb, Freeze Time, Destroy All Fruit Of One Color. Your goal is to clear away as much fruit as you can from the screen by connecting them in long chains of three or more. You'll be facing a time limit so work quickly. Simply touch the first fruit to start your chain and slide your finger across the others. You can only connect fruit of the same type and color. You can only connect fruit in chains if they're touching each other on any side up, down, left, right or diagonally. When you complete a chain and lift your finger from the screen the fruit will obliterate and new fruit comes in to their place.

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