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Strap on your boots, board and hit the slopes in Traction Games addictive cold weather sports app Stickman Snowboarder Free. Cruise down hills, pull tricks of jumps and grind long rails to rack up serious points, similar to their app ! Play through 8 unique levels. Your snowboarder will move forward on it's own you'll just need to control the jumping and speed with the left and right red buttons. Cruise down slopes to gain momentum and launch in to the air off of jumps. Pull off lots of trick combinations by tapping or double tapping the right button when your in the air. Collect token sand stars during your run to get a maximum score. You have a total of 5 lives each run, so if you bail you'll have a few more chances to redeem yourself. There are 5 blue tokens to collect in each level, note that you can collect these over time and not all at once in one run. Collect as many stars as you canto get a maximum score.

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