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Suit up in your TSA gear and get to work at your local airport because your needed to stop criminals attempting to bring illegal items on board your planes; not on your watch! The creative team at Kedlin Company has developed an excellent game titled Airport Scanner. Your job is to identify illegal items inside the passengers luggage using the X-Ray machine. Illegal items will shows up in blue. If you do not see any illegal items inside a bag, simply swipe it off the screen to your right to move to the next passengers luggage. Work quickly to save time and earn more bonus points! You also need to pay attention to the flight timer. So make sure you check all of the passengers bags in time or you fail. Try not to mark bags the do not contain illegal items, you'll waste TSA's time and the passengers flight might be delayed! You can rewind the scanner if you'd like to take another look inside a bag. But don't hold it too long because it can jam. You'll earn money after completing a shift, the amount you earn is dependent on how many illegal items you confiscated and how quickly you complete it all. Dispense justice to passengers! Earn extra cash by picking the punishment for your criminal passengers. Buy and upgrade your X-Ray machine and additional sensors that will help you catch criminal activity quicker.

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