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Give Science a one-two punch knock-out and show the world that gravity doe not exist in Miniclip's addictive game Gravity Guy! You're an escaped prisoner in a world where the laws of science do not apply. Run for your life in this fast paced app. You are an escaped prisoner in a land with zero gravity. In Run Mode within the Story Mode you'll be chased by the enforcement, don't get caught. Tap the screen to flip from the ground and walk on the ceiling, tap again to flip back to the ground. You'll want to constantly flip between the ground and ceiling to avoid gaps which you'll fall down in or float away in. You'll respawn at checkpoints when you're caught and zapped or fall/float away so you don't have to start at the beginning of each level you play through. You'll pick up helpful items such as slow motion, shields, etc. that will help you escape.

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