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Kick The Buddy: Trick Or Kick Free App Game By Crustalli

Get into your Halloween spirit and Kick The Buddy ghoulishly around his scary forest. The creative team at Crustalli has revamped the addictive game and gave it a seasonal makeover. Check out the original game: Kick The Buddy! Your objective is to beat up "buddy" with different objects all of which you can buy from the store with money you win or coins you buy. - He'll talk and make smart remarks and funny comments throughout the torture. Items: Jack O' Lantern, Broomstick, Candy, Witch Cauldron, Vampire Bats, Werewolf Moon, Demonic Scythe, Skull Bomb, Dark Hatchet, Black Widow, Spider Web, Flesh Ripper, Ghost Storm, Necromancy, Mad Jack and More Stuff is available for purchase online. You have the option to purchase Halloween masks for buddy, such as a Ghost, Pharaoh, Skelton, Dracula and Zombie!

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