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Test out your cosmetology skills on these unsuspecting clients and give them a fun, exciting new hairstyle in Toca Hair Salon! You'll have a full shop of supplies to do your work! It's crafted up by the team at Toca Boca AB. A group of 6 clients await your cosmetology skills, pick one and go to work. You have access to multiple hair products and tools to cut each clients hair. To cut, dye, blow dry etc their hair simply swipe or touch the screen with your finger in the desired area. Move your device from side to side to see the shops background move behind the customer. You'll have access to a comb, scissors, hair growth formula, blow dryer, camera, clippers, hair dye (multiple colors), warm washcloth, shampoo, shower rinse and accessories (multiple items). When you've competed your cosmetology masterpiece on the client/victim, take a photo and share it with your friends on social networks.

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