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Strap on your cleets and hit the field, it's your time to shine as your favorite NFL Pro Football teams leading kicker! Are you read to take on the pressure and challenge yourself in Full Fat's awesome app NFL Kicker 13? You'll have the opportunity to upgrade your players equipment and the stadium you kick in by using game earned credits to purchase them. Game Modes: Basic Skills, Tutorial, In The Zone, Coffin Corner and Time Attack. You'll start off by setting up your profile in which you pick your name which will show up on the back of your kickers jersey and you pick your favorite NFL team! Nice touch. Tutorial mode shows you the basics, you'll learn how to kick which is done simply by flicking your finger upwards on your smart device. Make sure to aim correctly and also make use of controlling the ball after it's kicked in the air when the wind is strong. Earn more points by building up your combo multiplier, you do this by kicking the football into the yellow colored area between the uprights over and over. Earn more or less points by kicking into the white, blue or red colored areas. You have 3 lives total during gameplay Increase your score with boosts which can be purchased with credits earned during gameplay.

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