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As if Angry Birds hasn't topped the apps market enough, it has now teamed up with movie giant Star Wars to create the epic adventure of Angry Birds Star Wars! The team at Rovio has done an excellent job combining the feel of the movie with their unique game; thus creating an awesome app for fans of the game and movie. The free version offers 12 levels to play through in a variety of Star Wars worlds! Purchase the full version to unlock the following stages with lots of levels to play through on each: Tatooine, Death Star, Hoth and the Bonus level. As you play through the levels you'll find Rovio has done a great job incororating the Star Wars story into the gameplay. You'll get to watch short sequential drawings of the characters interacting as they would in the movie. Your goal in this game is to destroy the Empire (pigs) with your Rebels (birds)! To play the game you need to launch your Rebel birds at the Empire pigs and destroy all of them by running into their structures and knocking them off. Set up your shot angle then pull your bird back into the band of the slingshot and release it towards the pigs! Each different type of bird does a different thing against the enemy. To earn more points and stars try to complete each level with the least amount of birds. If there are birds leftover you'll get points for them. There will often be items that can be used on the level to help you such as a firing laser blast, planet gravity, tnt explosions etc. If you fail a level, do not worry, you can retry it as many times as you like until it's beaten. Fair warning, there are a lot of ads that pop up often while playing the free version of this game. Obi-Wan bird: after the launch tap the screen near the enemy to use the force to destroy them. Luke bird: after the launch tap the screen to unleash a lightsaber to destroy the enemy with. Han Solo bird: after launch tap the screen to unleash pistol blaster shots at the enemy. Chewbacca bird: he's a large bird that will destroy anything in his path. Pilot Luke bird: after launch touch the screen to split him into 3 different birds and rain down an attack on the enemy. Leia bird: after launch touch the screen to use her tracker beam to destroy the enemy.

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