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It's time to monkey around, in a way in Zynga's popular app Bubble Safari! Match and clear out rows of bubbles while earning points and getting bonus streaks. There are multiple stages to play through each with numerous levels and stars to gain! It costs you 3 energy to play a game. Use your finger to aim and fire the shooter. Bounce the bubbles off of the sidewalls to get it to a specific location. Match 3 or more of the same color bubbles to pop them. Clear 8 bubbles in the top row to complete the level. Gain bonus fruit and coins by taking out multiple rows. Drop fruit into the basket to earn more points. Swap the current colored bubble in the cannon with another color by tapping underneath. Drop fruit 3 times in a row into the baskets. You'll then gain fire bubbles which will destroy any colored bubbles in it's path and give you lots of bonus fruit for more points! Pop bubbles to attract hummingbirds, they will help you score more and more points throughout gameplay. The more bubbles you pop, the more powerful the hummingbirds become. If you miss a shot the hummingbirds fly the coop,so don't miss. +5 gives you 5 extra bubbles to use. +2 gives you 2 extra bubbles from friends. Extended Aim extends your bubble shooters aim to hit tough spots. Scroll Peek allows you to peek off screen to see what's coming. Go for the high score and gain as many pints as possible with bubble streaks and bonus fruit!

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